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Our Valves are suitable for high temperature, high pressure, abrasive, corrosive and/or scale forming media.

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Slurry Valve

Are You Using The Wrong Valves?

All too often we find the wrong valves are being used in severe service slurry lines. Oftentimes it's the price that dictates which valves are installed rather than sound engineering practice.

Now you can have the right valve at the right price.

Icon's Full Bore Quarter Turn Plug Valve is suitable for
all abrasive and/or scale forming slurries and pastes.

Why is Icon's Full Bore Quarter Turn Plug Valve the right valve? For starters, there is no cavity or dead space inside the valve where slurry can accumulate. Ball and Gate valves, which are commonly used, do have internal cavities that fill with slurry that hardens and prevents the valve from cycling.

The Full Bore Feature of the Icon Plug Valve also means that the valve can be pigged thus ensuring a trouble free long service life.

Pressure Ratings from ANSI Class 150 through Class 2,500.

The Slurry Valve Specialists!